YOUR CONSULTANT IS Alisha Satterfield

My Story

I'm a mom, and I love for my house to smell great, but Ieaving candles burning isn't always safe when you have kids running around.  With Scentsy, there's no flame, no smoke, no soot, and no worries!  The warmers are beautiful and add the perfect touch to any room.  The scents leave your home smelling wonderful and inviting, and with over 80 different fragrances to choose from, there is something for everyone.  I decided to join Scentsy because the products are amazing, and it's been a great way to earn some extra money by selling products that I already use and love. It doesn't feel like work when you are passionate about what you are doing!  What's better than getting paid to have fun?Contact me if you would like to host a party and earn lots of FREE products, or if you are interested in joining my team.  Whether you just love the products and want to be able to purchase them for yourself, family and friends; you want a fun way to earn a little extra money; or if you want a full-time career, you can do it with Scentsy!<!--endbody-->